Crocodile Color Cement

Naturally elegant. Lasting. Timeless.
Mother Nature has created many uniqueness here on earth, whether they are shades of green leaves, blue hues in the sky, red tones of the blazing sun, patterns of marble or ripples of sand. Nature has become the top inspirations in home décor, and consumers continue to seek different materials. Crocodile Color Cement is an innovation that best reflects the mood of nature while giving a distinctive finish and representing the home owner’s taste.


40 shades were inspired by classical colors around the world,
allowing you to choose the right one(s) that best reflect your imagination.

*Special Color


*The color screen may differ from the actual color

**Recommend at least 2 coats for painting technique

***Recommend 3-4 coats for light color tone (Code 10,12,71,13,21)

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