Crocodile Color Cement

When Color meets Cement, not only it brings fresh new shades to your home but does so without losing the cement extraordinary features.

Crocodile Color Cement

is an innovation that combines color pigments into cement. It allows for a perfect bonding, making the cement and the paint become uniform. It doesn’t just coat the surface, but is long-lasting and has a natural look. No primer is needed, no VOC is added, no dust is created. These Preferred qualities are exceptional characteristics.

It lasts up to 15 years without chipping.


Crocodile Color Cement comes with built-in antimicrobial protection, which lasts a lifetime. The product is safe and offers the highest protection against harmful mold, mildew and odor on any exterior/interior surface.


Crocodile Color Cement is free from any volatile organic compound (VOC) which is a cancer-causing agent. Minimum exposure to VOC can cause dizziness and nausea. VOC build up in buildings may cause sick building syndrome * Crocodile Color Cement is a safe product for both users and habitants of the building..

*Source: The Department of Pollution Control

Superior all-in-one feature ...

Water resistant, humidity resistant, weatherproof

Breathable; allow vapor to get out. No peeling caused by moisture inside wall.

Covers up shrinkage cracks and bonds perfectly with any cement/concrete surface.

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